AccessPort V3 Tuning Rates
EJ-Series Engine Rate Sheet
  • Stage 1 (no modifications): $350

  • Stage 2 (stock turbo with bolt-on mods): $350

  • Stage 4 (upgraded turbo with bolt-on mods): $425

  • Stage X (highly modified vehicles): $Inquire

FA-Series Engine Rate Sheet

  • Stage 1 (no modifications): $350

  • Stage 2 (stock turbo with bolt-on mods): $350

  • Stage 4 (upgraded turbo + bolt-on mods): $425

  • Stage X (highly modified vehicles): $Inquire


  • FlexFuel: $150

  • Additional maps for different fuels: $175/ea

Standalone EMS/Harness Construction/Electronics Integration

Contact for quotation.

The following policies apply to all customers and jobs unless stated otherwise.

Down Payment/Deposit Policy

All customers required to give 50% deposit, whether they are live or e-tuning customers. For live customers this deposit serves to secure the appointment. For e-tuning customers this serves as payment for a base tune to get started. Final 50% to be paid upon completion if not forfeited (see below).

Upgrade Policy

Existing customers receive 25% off upgrading between stages. Upgrade pricing must be approved in advance. Example, going from stage 2 to stage 3 would take 25% off the stage 3 rate.

Seasonal and Weather Revisions

Customers entitled to one hour free revision time in order to account for seasonal or weather changes. Example: car tuned in summer needing a winter revision for overboost, or other condition.

Mechanical Issues Preventing Successful Tune

If tuning cannot be completed because of mechanical issues or installation error, a $75 fee will be incurred at the time of stoppage. This policy is waived if a pre-tune check has been performed by an approved mechanic. Contact for a list of approved sources.


All work shall be completed by appointment only. Both live and e-tuning done on Saturday/Sunday by special cases only.

No-Call/No-Show Policy

No-call and no-shows will forfeit their 50% deposit unless written cancellation is submitted in writing at least 2 business days in advance of appointment.

E-Tune Policies

E-tune customers final 50% payment due when tuning has been completed to the satisfaction of both parties. If customer does not provide new iterative/revision logs within 7 business days of being requested by BW Tuning, the job is assumed to be complete and final payment is due. No base map will be shared without an initial 50% deposit. If no initial logs from the base map are received within 30 business days, the job is assumed to be vacated and the initial 50% deposit will be forfeited. If you are unable to comply with this schedule due to legitimate reasons please contact us and discuss up front, we try our best to work with everyone's unique schedules.

Status Updates & Checkups

We will contact all customers when information is needed or there is news to share. Do not request updates while work is being performed.

Communication Preference

Customers are encouraged to use email when possible. Phone/text to be reserved for day of appointment coordination or emergencies only.

Liability Statement

Modifying vehicles is an inherently risky and dangerous hobby. BW Tuning does not take responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages incurred during or after live tuning, e-tuning, or any ECU modification work in perpetuity.