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Our Dyno

Mainline DynoLog
ProHub AWD 4600

Main Features
  • Four independent power absorption modules w/ Frenesla retarders

  • Front axle: 1600 HP

  • Rear axle: 3000 HP

  • AWD: 4600 HP

  • Tacho probe or inductive clamp for RPM pickup

  • External 7bar MAP sensors (x2) for logging and/or pressure drop testing

  • External NTK lambda (wideband) sensor for high fidelity logging of gas, ethanol, or methanol

  • Haltech CAN bus data link pulls all data channels into each dyno run automatically

  • 3 phase 80A engine cooling fan, directly controlled by dyno

  • Direct connection to hub/axle eliminates tire spin, strapping issues, and ensures the highest quality data for calibration

  • Ability to steady-state test engine at any RPM or load point

  • Ability to perform traditional dyno pulls (ramp tests)

  • Ability to perform simulated drag racing passes

  • Ability to generate torque converter slip percentage (converter efficiency)

  • Ability to map driveshaft speed curves for perfect ideal traction control mapping

  • Ability to plot suspension shock travel data and observe 4 link behavior

  • Weather station baro, temperature, and humidity automatically incorporated

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