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Alternatives to Cobb Tuning for Subaru Competition Vehicles



On April 18th, 2022 Cobb Tuning issued a press release notifying their customers that their AccessTuner software and Cobb AccessPort platform would be undergoing significant changes in an attempt to get ahead of increased federal regulatory and compliance mandates. This change would be made across the entire landscape of supported vehicles including Subaru competition, off-road vehicles. I encourage you to read the full update linked here.

If your Subaru was tuned prior to these changes:

Your existing tune will continue to work as long as you don't make changes. If you elect to have changes made, any codes or functionality relating to emissions will be reverted to stock. If you want to utilize the newest Cobb Tuning software, you'll need to make sure that your vehicle is in 100% OEM shape as it pertains to the emissions components.

If you drive your Subaru on the street:

Non-competition vehicles will still be able to utilize the Cobb AccessPort and AccessTuner software. The new NexGen staged packages offer great power gains and remain fully compliant and legal. The NexGen FlexFuel kits are out for 2008+ STI and will be appearing soon for WRXs and FA20/FA24 eventually, too. We haven't seen a compelling reason for street cars to remove any components, so in our minds, these changes haven't hurt the average street car owner.

If you drive your Subaru in a competition setting:

Many competition Subarus previously used Cobb Tuning for their racing needs as it offered a number of motorsports features. These features are no longer available, so we recommend a different engine management system (EMS) that still has those features.


BW Tuning is your #1 stop for standalone EMS design, harness construction, and calibration for your Subaru competition vehicle. ​For more information, please Contact Us.

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